Do they have to add “eccentric” to the term French Cuffs?

February 1, 2010

Okay, open this in another window and comes back here so we can laugh about it together!

Oh yeah, so me

This one rawks like Van Halen still does when the groupie shows up.

For sure gonna add the dress to my wish list, if only my skeleton could go down the aisle without my in real life flesh. Seriously, give this chick a burger or something! Okay, she’s thin and I hate her, but I’ll have the burger for myself, thanks plenty.

But then scroll down to the bottom… keep scrolling… keep scrolling… keep scrolling…

Past the one where they made Kate Moss’ skinnier sister look like she’s preggers…

This model hates this photo, for sure.

Keep scrolling…



Do you have this one in black?

Bespoke vest & pants, tuxedo shirt with eccentric French cuffs

No, SERIOULY!? On the day that every woman spends her whole life dreaming about? The day that defines her as a woman for the next rest of her life… and you want people to wonder if they’re on the wrong side of the church? “Oh wait, I thought I was sitting on the bride’s side. No wait, that is the bride!”


And the best part… (sorry, ROTFLMGO!) is where it says…

And there is nothing sexier than a woman in men’s tailoring.

HA HA HA! I can’t even keep going…

Crushing It! Canada’s #1 Twitter Comedy


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